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The page briefly explains the overall structure of the website and which programs are needed to access the information. The page also explains how to change the text size and use any shortcuts that are available.

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Webbplatsen använder JavaScript för att sätta fokus i formulär, förenkla val av datum och för att öppna vissa typer av länkar i nya fönster. Ingen av dessa funktioner är kritiska för att webbplatsen ska fungera. ***

Här hittar du information som kommunen enligt lag ska lämna vid användning av kommunens elektroniska tjänster.

*** Postal address: 343 23 Älmhult
Tel: 0476-55 000
Email address: utbildning@almhult.se
Street address: Stor Torget 1
Organisation ID number:212000‑0647
Registration number for VAT: SE-2120000647

Information about possible instructions in, for example, laws or regulations that apply to authorities, and where these can be found.
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Processing of personal registers

The provisions of the Personal Data Act, PuL, (1998:294) state how personal data may be handled.

Purpose of processing

The Education Department processes the personal data of parents and children in order to administer personal data relating to preschool and leisure-time activities. The personal data that is registered includes the names of the child and guardians, addresses, telephone numbers, personal identification numbers and similar information. The purpose of the processing is to digitally simplify and improve the management of the data needed for the organisation's everyday activities, as well as providing self-service options for guardians via the internet.

Personal data that is provided is also used for administration, checks and other measures needed to handle applications and other cases. The information is used, for example, as a basis for billing childcare fees. The processing may also form the basis for generating statistics.

Origin of the data and disclosure of personal data

Personal data about children and guardians are obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency, where all children are registered along with details of the guardians. Supplementary information is entered manually in the IT system.

Public information may be disclosed in accordance with the Press Freedom Regulation and the rules of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. Your personal data may be disclosed to authorities that need to know the details in order to fulfill an agreement with you, a legal obligation, a task of general interest or an assignment relating to the exercising of an authority's duties for which processing the information is necessary. Anonymous data for statistical purposes may be disclosed to parties other than governmental authorities.

Principle of public disclosure

The Education Board is a municipal authority. This means that messages that are sent to us become public documents, which may be disclosed in accordance with the principle of public disclosure.

Right to request information

According to 26 /u00A7 Personal Data Act, you have the right to request information about the personal data used and processed about you (register extract) once per calendar year. If you want to view such information, please send a signed, written request to us. According to the Personal Data Act, the request shall be made on paper and may not be sent by email. You can only apply to receive information about yourself and your minor children. The address is available above

Processing by third party

The IT service provider IST is personal data processor and is responsible for the technical management of personal data in the system. As a personal data processor, IST has obligations that ensure that its handling complies with the Personal Data Act and the Education Department's instructions about issues such as the permitted purpose and security during processing.

Rules for the e-service

By using the e-service, the user accepts and confirms that:

- They will not pass their user information on to another person.

- They will immediately report any suspicions that the account is being used by another person.

- The actions and activities that occur and are conducted when logged into the system are legally binding in the same way as a signed document.

- The information provided is truthful.

The user also agrees that upon approval of a placement in a preschool or leisure-time centre:

- They will pay the fees pursuant to the rules applicable at any given time.

- There are termination periods of notice and the fees are also payable during the notice period.

- They will follow the rest of the municipality's rules and pay fees for preschools and leisure-time centres.